CMI provides services to government facilities, office buildings, retail spaces, medical facilities, restaurants, childcare centers, churches, fitness centers, theaters,  banks, stores, schools and various other types of facilities.

Our services include:

Office Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Day Porter Service
Stripping and Waxing                         
Construction Clean-up
Window Cleaning
Parking Lot Sweeping


We partner with our customers to tailor our services to meet their needs. 

The cornerstone of our results oriented cleaning program centers around key performance areas.  Significant emphasis is placed on these areas which include:

Conference rooms
Lobby areas
Reception areas
Kitchen areas


Trashed emptied
Clean floors-common areas, under toilets and urinals
Sinks cleaned-bright work polished
Toilet bowls and urinals cleaned and disinfected properly
Dispensers filled-soap, sanitary products

Conference Rooms
Wipe clean and polish tables, etc.
Vacuum thoroughly and align chairs

Lobby Area
Elevators - clean fingerprints from walls, tracks vacuumed, cleaned and polished
Entrance doors/vestibule area -clean glasswork, frames, ledges and corners wiped clean, floors swept/vacuumed
Floor/carpet work - swept, mopped, spray buffed, baseboards dusted/wiped clean

Reception Areas
Detail dust tables, chairs, etc

Sweep/vacuum floor
Wipe fingerprints from countertops, etc

Kitchen Areas
Trash emptied, liners changed and in properly
Trash cans wiped clean 
Walls behind trash can wiped clean
Floors and tables cleaned, sinks polished

These areas are especially important because they represent the overall quality of cleaning in a building.  Each of these key performance areas are cleaned thoroughly by a janitor and checked every night by the supervisory staff.