Realizing that first impressions are lingering impressions, Carefree Maintenance realizes the importance of a smooth transition for our customers.  We make every effort possible to overcome all transitional challenges.  The key to our transition plan is careful planning.

Our start up program entails a 30 day phase-in process beginning with a comprehensive needs assessment survey of the facility.  Subsequent to the assessment, our staff begins  implementing the first of 3 phases of the plan.

Phase One

 A thorough study of the facility will be conducted with our management team prior to the commencement of any cleaning activity in order to outline a list of priorities and needs to be addressed during the first month of operation.  This is done to ensure a clear understanding of all goals and objectives and secure a smooth initial transition.

Phase Two

The second phase occurs after establishing a basic knowledge of the facility, including the building’s nuances, idiosyncrasies and special areas.
Several measurements will be taken to ensure improvement and effective changes.  The following is a basic evaluation and impact analysis conducted:

  • observation and evaluation of personnel while performing cleaning functions
  • inspection of  the building(s) with management to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

During this process, Carefree Maintenance assesses how systems are working and identifies what, if any, modifications need to be made.  Additionally, we closely monitor staff to make sure there is a good fit with the employee and the tasks to be performed.  Carefree Maintenance’s management and other staff members continually solicit feedback from our customers to validate or recommend changes to cleaning specifications.

Phase Three

During this phase, management personnel re-evaluate our processes and procedures, and build upon our  standards and expectations.  We re-assess the facility and review the design and development of systems and personnel.  Our routine tasks and project lists have been tested and have proven to be reliable and consistent.  Considerable time is devoted to thoroughly evaluating our results-oriented cleaning systems and techniques.  This is another point in the process there we are proud to service your building, and you are pleased to have Carefree Maintenance uphold the image and standards you have set for the facility.